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Finally there is a chance to communicate about sexuality with communication pictures! We are the biggest communication picture bank with sexuality themed pictures! Until now, there hasn’t been many pictures available to help conversations about sexuality.

The purpose of this versatile SelkoSeks communication picture bank is to make conversations about sexuality available to everyone who needs it. Everyone has a right to sexuality and to discuss it openly. We at Selkoseks believe these pictures are important as they take diversity into account. Talking about sexuality and normalizing it are still challenges, and we want to take steps to make this easier.

SelkoSeks is a sexuality themed communication picture bank that offers over 300 communication pictures. All pictures are named in English and the themes are: body, anatomy, sex, sex aid, relationships, feelings, health, and hygiene. You can also find these pictures in 3 different skincolors! That package includes almost 1000 communication pictures!

By buying the pictures you can download them to your device in jpg form and use them for your own purpose.

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You can look a video, where Henna is showing Selkoseks pictures. Video is in English.

More info in English you can find in our English website: